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Skype for Teachers

May 13, 2007

As a teacher sometimes we can feel isolated from the rest of our colleagues.  We engage our students but the four classroom doors do limit our access to the world.  There are other teachers and students in our own school, district or across the world that we can connect with.  So, what’s the argument for the use of Skype in the classroom?  What can I do on skype that I can’t do with a traditional phone? I just read Skype in the Classroom an article by Wesley Fryer from movingatthespeedofcreativity that makes a good argument.  Essentially, we are preparing our students to use collaborative tools that are part of 21st century workplace skills.  Our students need to be prepared to work in changing and dynamic environments where they will be working with people from all over the world.  Another good resource to use is a  video on  how to get started with skype.   One of the ways that I use skype is to communicate with my student’s families.  I use skypeout to call parents at home on their cell phones.  If anyone is interested in collaborating with my students over at room36  please skype us at username;  coordinatortwo.


Using Technology to Tell Stories

April 5, 2007

Great show on Edtechtalk; Teachers Teaching Teachers #47. I listened on the fly on Wednesday night. Now I am listening to show asynchronous (later in a podcast). It’s exciting to see what other teachers are integrating technology throughout the States. It does get isolated when only a few teachers (in our own schools) are trying techie things like using tech tools to tell stories. It is late in the year but, I see how I can try some more digital storytelling next school year. Storytelling is a unit I am teaching for the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to post some individual digital stories. We are culminating our unit with a narrative on a personal experience (story). It’s a juggling act but I’ll showcase a few stories in a digital story format. The students would create slides with pictures / text and narrate their story onto the slides. I’ll keep you posted.

My Clasroom in 2015 “Sort of”

January 3, 2006

I walk into my classroom in 2015, what do I see? David Warlick is at the frontier of the use of technology in education. His post from 2 Cents Worth illustrates where we are going in the blogoshpere. I would first venture to what my classroom should be now. I envision myself walking into my classroom and my students are engaged in self directed learning. We have gone beyond the learning to use technology phase to the application of technology tools to create content and new learning. Learning is defined when my students use technology tools as the means to higher level of understanding. It really isn’t about having the most up to date hardware. It really is about how my students have learned to use the resources available to them. It can be 2006 or 2015, it should’nt really matter. It does go beyond having a new toy to play with. It’s all about creating a learning community where each student is able to explore and expand his or her own learning.