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Pockets of Excellence

March 22, 2006

What does it take to have a standards based classroom?  It’s hard to tell.  I’ve been out of the classroom for the last four years.  This last few months I have started teaching on Saturday mornings at SDSCSS (Super Dooper Super Cool Saturday School).  I’ve only been there as a sub in this last cycle.  Academic Excellence has to do with expectations.  I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum.  A classroom with highly motivated students and appropriate use of the learning standards.  The Instruction is at very rigorous level.  At the other extreme, I’ve spent mornings in a classroom where students are not motivated.  The curriculum is dummied down and there is little if any benefit to our shared space.  I have also had the opportunity to partner with a 4th grade teacher at our school.  We teamed up and I taught math.  I spent time reviewing the assessment results and spent six weeks retaching focus standards. I can only hope that this effort had an impact on these students.  They are taking the Math on the state tests next week.  As I return to the classroom, I return with a more global view on education.  Having observed best practices throughout my school, having been part of the leadership our school, having participated on district professional development are tools I plan on taking back to the classroom.  Excellence in teaching involves… well I think I better comment later this fall from my classroom!


The ISIS Crisis

January 20, 2006

We have waited for Go Live Date since July the 1st. It seems there were a lot of technical issues, but mainly at the big schools.  Our school only has 300+ students in the middle School.  My role in the implementation of ISIS is on training teachers and advising the administration of the school regarding the training and technical aspects of the program.  It is the same role that I played when the elementary school implemented Online Progress Report Card.  I particpated in trainings with the senior office assistant.  This student data management system is a partnership between the school district and IT company.  During Phase One the teachers are trained to input period by period attendance.  They will also input course grades.  As simple as that may sound it was a rough start.  The office staff supports the inputting of the attendance.  They got new equipment and Ms. ISIS has done a great job.  Now its a matter of making sure that others such as admin and staff that pull students for services report absences appropriately.  Otherwise this was a pretty smooth implementation.  Next big challenge training the teachers on the report card.  The last group of teachers that is need to be trained is expected back about a month.