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Coordinator’s Office #12 Webcasting Procedures

July 22, 2007

Listen as I review my webcasting procedure and go through It’s Elementary Show #2 Prep  I went through the specifications for streaming such as settings on my computer, using of audio repeater, starting program to broadcast on simple cast  on edtechtalk. I  also go through July 23rd agenda on our webcast planning wiki.  Have a listen Coordinator’s Office #12.mp3


Coordinator’s Office #11 NECC 2007

June 29, 2007

It has a very busy week and I’m on vacation! NECC 2007 was great. Here are my reflections on the conference. I also talk about what I take back to my classroom. I also share my plans for the rest of the summer with It’s Elementary Webcast and blogging at Room 36. Have a listen; Coordinator’s Office #11.mp3

Coordinator’s Office Podcast #10

June 18, 2007

Final podcast on series on Read Write Web Class. Busy Monday. In Class and Prep Session for It’s Elementary Webcast. Oh Well another twitter missed opportunity. Great Networking Session. I also reflect on integrating technology in Room 36.

Listen at Coordinator’s Office #10.mp3 

Coordinator’s Office #9 Special Edition Monday June 11, 2007

June 14, 2007

Decided to a Special Edition for a busy Monday!  I had inservice on mindmapping and was part of two online meetings.  I also want to share my thoughts on the development of Webcast on the edtechtalk channel.  Visit and leave us your feedback at webcast planning wiki 

Check out Coordinator’s Office #9.mp3

Coordinator’s Office Podcast # 8 June 09, 2007

June 12, 2007

My weekly reflection on Read Write Web Class.  This week I go on a tangent.  I talk about a week of tech integration lessons in room 36.  I spend some time on my plans for webcast.

Check out Coordinator’s Office #8.mp3

Coordinator’s Office Podcast # 7 June 02, 2007

June 6, 2007

I made to lucky number 7. I’ve been very busy with the end of the year paperwork at the school. Nevertheless I squeezed in some time to record another reflection for the Read Write Web Class. Other plans for the coordinator’s office include co-hosting a webcast possibly on the edtechtalk channel. I am also hoping to facilitate LAN party for K12online conference coming up in October. Check out; Coordinator’s Office Podcast #7 .mp3

Coordinator’s Office Podcast # 6

May 28, 2007

This is a series of podcasts on my reflections about Read Write Web class I am currently taking.  These are my reflections for week 3.

Coordinator’s Office # 6.mp3

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