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Coordinator’s Office #11 NECC 2007

June 29, 2007

It has a very busy week and I’m on vacation! NECC 2007 was great. Here are my reflections on the conference. I also talk about what I take back to my classroom. I also share my plans for the rest of the summer with It’s Elementary Webcast and blogging at Room 36. Have a listen; Coordinator’s Office #11.mp3


NECC 2007 Reflections

June 28, 2007

It came and now it’s gone. So what do we take back from these few days? Even as a virtual attendee, going to NECC meant following the conference Web 2.0 style. I just don’t get any jet lag. 🙂 So, what did I take back (to my RSS for reading, back to my classroom for practical application)? There are two levels in learning for me. I need to consume this new knowledge as a learner first. How does it add to my knowledge base? I can respond directly to the author or I can blog about it. Both add to my understanding. I then need to find a way to apply it in my teaching. If I am able to do both of my 10 percent, I’ve met my goal. I added a new category in my bloglines, (thanks to the uniform tagging system) NECC Bloggers; over 35 new bloggers and I added a few more bloggers to my superstar folder and educational technology that I had read but not added. My task this summer is to read these blogs and add my reflections. I really like what Bob Sprankle did last year with K12online. It seems that the unconference was just as important or some cases more than the conference sessions. The conference started with Edublogger Con. The Bloggers Cafe was a big hit. Twitter redefined “what are you doing?” It was interesting how others brought in skype chat. And of course, there were the pictures. I bet in the days to come others will publish podcasts and the like. I think NECC 2007 will reshape what a conference should be.

Using Synchronous tools at NECC 2007

June 27, 2007

I’ll admit that there is something about being at a conference in real life. There is excitement in the air. On Tuesday I followed NECC on edtechtalk. During the day 21st Century Learning had Vinnie Vrotney as a live correspondent at the Bloggers Cafe. He was walking around looking for the SuperStar bloggers. It was great to hear first hand reactions to the conference. In the Evening Women of the Web 2.0 had a session live from NECC. There were over 100 people in the live session and at least 30 at edtechtalk chat room. There were educators sharing what they were taking away from NECC. What other tools are attendees using to broadcast to the world? Twitter seems to be were a lot of the action is going on. People are even using twitter to find each other on the conference floor. I see twitter as a quick and dirty blog post. The only difference is that your able to see others in your network in one place and respond to what’s going on. Others are also using Skype. They are bringing friends from the outside to listen to and participate in the conference. I’ve also noticed the importance of informal meet-ups. The unconference sessions are just as good or better than the regular sessions. There is a feeling that the conference needs to somehow deposit this knowledge base somewhere so that it can be accessed later. Having uniform tagging for blog posts, pictures and hopefully podcasts will not only benefit the virtual attendee, but make all this content available for consumption at our leisure.

Monday Wrap-up NECC 2007

June 25, 2007

There is so much buzz and energy coming out of NECC! I have been following blog posts all day and I keep coming back to the Super Stars. It must be because I have them higher on my RSS reader. Sessions that caught my attention; Classroom and Libraries for the Net Generation. Looking at the characteristics of 21st Century Learners. As teachers we either board the Web 2.0 superhighway or we are left behind. Creative Podcasting for the Elementary Set. Some cool tips on podcasts in the elementary classroom. Reinventing Project Based Learning, How do we build a global community around common themes? It isn’t about my own the teacher and student anymore. Learning transcends the classroom walls. Sowing Seeds for a More Creative Society Reminds me of “Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten” Allowing for our students and ourselves to discover our creativity is the first step in learning. I’ve gone back to my bloglines for RSS. Both the technorati and bloglines search feeds have been working great for me. I am also subscribing to new blogs I am reading. There hasn’t been a lot from the rss feeds for podcasts out of the necc site. Even the general rss feed from necc site is pretty dead. I haven’t gone back to pageflake. Nevertheless I do see possibilities.

NECC 2007 Following Live Blogging

June 25, 2007

Busy Monday Morning! Educators are live blogging. They are transcribing sessions live and posting to their blogs while in their sessions. I remember taking notes during lectures in college. Live blogging really takes this to the next stage. If anything you can go back and digest later. For the virtual attendee; it’s a primary source of what is happening at NECC 2007. So, what did I read? 2 Cent’s Worth Session on NETS. (technology standards). It really is about the learning. It’s that old saying “reading to learn” but in a 21st century context. Technology is only a tool for learning. Crucial Thought Conversations that go on between students. It reminds me of my role as a facilitator of learning and not the “Know it All” role I sometimes take as a teacher. Cool Cat Teacher
Talk by Dr. Robert MClaughlin. Change happens at all levels. Education leaders that are aware of challenges and opportunities in Web 2.0 can foster innovation in education at their local sites. Drapes Takes Blogging about Edubloggercon with audio. It is important to network in a more relaxed way. Sessions are usually input only for the attendees. It’s cool to do output every so often.

NECC 2007 Virtual Attendee

June 24, 2007

Hi Folks,

I’ll be following NECC 2007 from my living room this year. I’m actually on free wifi in my condo complex. So, what does it mean to be a virtual attendee? I use web 2.0 tools to follow what is happening at NECC. Besides adding rss feeds from NECC 2007 website, I am also; subscribing to search feeds in Bloglines for blog posts using necc2007 tag and I created a Pageflakes. On the pageflakes added technorati search with necc2007 necc07 and necc in the search terms. I also subscribed to these searches on Bloglines. There are also session specific tags that were contributed by Steve Hargadon. I’ll be reading what other attendees are writing in their blogs. I will listen to recorded sessions posted at NECC 2007 site and I’ll be writing my on my virtual NECC 2007 experience. I’ll be tagging with necc2007. Finally, I’ll be following NECC 2007 twitter posts and twittering.