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Professional Development

February 28, 2006

What does it take to move a school forward?  It takes NCLB!!! Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.  We have not met our AYP for the last four years.  The first two years were a freebie with no sanctions and now we are in the second year of program improvement.  This past year it has been difficult staying focused in PD.   NCLB keeps getting in the way.  The student performance on State assessments continues to stagnate.  The accountability and consequences of this reality are being taken more seriously by the teachers and administration of the school.  Today a group of teachers conducted a survey on PD.  We looked at the professional development needs of teachers, Where teachers can lead PD’s and prioritizing these PD topics into the school focus.  Good first steps!! The importance is in the sustainability beyond the hype.  We have a lot of work to do.  I do see myself as part of the team………  Some fundamental structures are changing in the school.  As long as we are positive and willing to help with the load, this will be a smooth process.  I saw glimpses of that today.  We are slooooooooooowly addressing the different emergent themes for Comprehensive School Reform at our school.  My task for this Tuesday was to draft a template for the different committees at our school.  The importance of this task is to facilitate the Communication flow between these committees and the different groups in the school and more importantly the decision making councils.   WOW.  One task of about 40 to 50 to come………….


The Big Four

February 18, 2006

As we complete our first (post NCLB visit) week, we have a lot of work ahead of us.  The “emerging themes” to address program improvement under NCLB for our school are; Communication, Collaboration, Professional Development, and Standards Based Instruction / Rigor.  These are universal themes that most NCLB Era schools are dealing with.  There has been mixed reactions to this process from the teachers at the school.  Most teachers are still unsure what positive effects Program Improvement has on their instruction and their classroom practices. The leadership team began to tackle the first theme; Communication.  Once we are able to work through this first theme the other three should be easier.  We are on a 6 week timeline.  Our response (amendment to our school plan) should be complete by this time.  Our initial  work is  concentrated on  breaking down this concept into concrete actions.  We are on our way!!!

NCLB Day 3 Update 2

February 10, 2006

Hi, Everyone. This is Coordinator2 with the lastest developments onsite . As we came into the judge’s chambers this morning the air was tense. I had taken out my laptop to take notes and was advised that I would need special clearance to do any kind of note taking while we were in session. I had my bodygaurd (Big Loser) talk to the judge and everything was o.k. The format of the findings was surprisinly simple. It WAS a one pager. The four emerging themes were Communication, Collaboration, Professional Development, and Standards Based Instruction / Rigor. The findings were reported in a very straight forward way by the prosecution. We just sat there in an AHAH moment. Most of us did not want to engage in the conservation. The presenters did a great job in facilitating the material presented. BigLooserWannaBe was the first to voice her opinions. We expected the NCLB team to report to us and then tell us what to do. What really happened was that we were asked to REFLECT, ARTICULATE and thus gain understanding to plan and consequently carry-out NEXT STEPS. The tools used were very simple. Communication is our first initial task. The value of the morning session was in learning a process to break down our work into manegeable tasks. Finnally, I think that we have taken our first initial steps in Comprehensive School Reform. It took an outside force to come and tell us what we kind of already knew. There is a lot of work left ahead of us. On that note, the NCLB team left the school. Did we jump the NCLB wall? No. But, NOW we are beginning to have an idea on how to do so. This was Coordinator Signing off. Stay tuned as we begin this process.

********* Late Breaking News ************

The math coach was found wandering dazed and confused on the upper playground behind the tether ball courts. He seems to be O.K. but, he was a blank stare. As we speak he is being sent to the decantamination chamber. Our 8th grade math teacher should be able to talk some math sense back into him. But, this will be at least a few more weeks. bye………

NCLB Day 3 Update 1

February 10, 2006

Good morning everybody (Again, Again). This is Coordinator2 reporting live from behind the NCLB wall. It seems that my computer has NCLB Blues. I tried posting on two different occasions today. Somehow my computer crashed on both ocassions. I suspect  the NCLB team has monitored the wireless network in the school. Maybe I have been ratted out (an inside job I’m afraid) to the NCLB patrol which means that I am being CENSORED. I will make this post as brief as possible. As a recap of the major events this morning. Big looser and I arrived at the school before dawn this morning. Our mission was to find the missing math coach. We went on reconassence into room 1. We surveyed the area and did not find a trace of him anywhere in room 1. We did find a his favorite compass under the blocks. We are almost certain the hybrids have taken him to the mother ship to conduct experiments on his brain. They must be scanning his brain looking for alogorithms that will help them find a safe way home. We just hope that he gets back in time to celebrate PI day next month. I have to go back into the closed door session. I will report on the findings of the team. bye for now. Stay tuned for any new developments. bye….

NCLB Review Day 2 Update 3

February 9, 2006

It was a pretty busy day after lunch. I was not sure what the review team was doing, they went into a close door session. They must be doing last minute deliberations. I followed the team around on several ocassions and noticed that they did not go to the bathroom. I thought that was strange and deduced that they must be hybrids. That brings me to my next point, the case of the missing math coach. He did not show up today. Rumors have it that he is at PD. (Again). I don’t really think this is true. I tend to agree with BigLooserWannaBe, the hybrids (not gasoline and electricty but human / alien) must have abducted him. Room 1 tends to have a few dark corners. We have filed a Missing Math coach report with the local authorities.  We hope he is found in time to scan the Quarter 3 assessments.  Casualty # 7, The New Kid on the Block was walking down the hallway when all of sudden her left ankle locked and almost floored here. She did manage to recoup just as Hybrid Number 1, who was writing notes profusely, walked into the hallway. Casualty # 8, Our teachers have been so nervous that they are beginning to forget things. There have been several unconfirmed reports of teachers coming to school in different colored shoes, using permanent markers on the white board, misplacing attendance cards, and forgeting kids on the playground just to mention a few. Well I did get some info from my inside-source on the mood of the review team. In reality it shoudn’t be all that bad. They really like our treats and lunches.  Little do they now that we have injected the NCLB antidote into the cupcakes and this will guaranty a positive review.  Just in case, the chief put us all on code blue and asked us to be ready to initiate operation Shark–Hawk Attack first thing in the morning. I should get some rest, and I will as soon as Big Looser finishes his 18th lap around the track. It makes me tired just thinking of it. Hasta la vista , baby. This has been coordinator2. Make sure to stay tuned in tommorow as we attempt to JUMP over the NCLB wall. Good Night All.

NCLB Review Day 2 Update 2 (Conspiracy Theories)

February 9, 2006

There have been some very disturbing reports. It seems that dogs have been released into our neighborhood. Late yesterday as a child was walking home from the after school program he was attacked by one of these dogs (Casualty #6). The bites were severe enough to land this boy in the hospital. He is at home in stable condition. Conspiracy theory #2, in preparation fo the NCLB Review we started getting foul smelling fumes ( Pedos – as Ms. California Reads would say) in our neighborhood. They were especially bad this morning. I think is time to take out the red phone and seek some assistance from our mayor. I was covering the office while our office staff was being interviewed. The reviewers are walking around campus, asking a lot of questions (informal interviews). Either they are chismosos or it’s part of their reviews. Got to go, I am out on crowd control for the next 30 minutes. Reporting live from Behind the NCLB wall, this has been Coordinator2. Stay AWAY from the dogs and make sure to wear your GAS masks if you are staying outside for any extended lenght of time. bye….

NCLB Review Day 2 Update 1

February 9, 2006

Good morning everybody. This is Coordinator2 reporting live from the Behind the NCLB Wall. The skys are blue and the air calm. The Category 5 must be hitting our neighboring schools. Casualty #4, office technitian had to go home yesterday. Prelimary reports indicate an unusual nervousness and fear of face to face interviews. Casualty # 5 one of our A.P.’s was involved in a fender bender this morning. Perhaps it’s the pressure, it is not to clear yet. The parents are beginning their interviews as we speak. The quote of the week “She is so sweet, she gives me a toothache”. THAT’s NCLB for you. Please stay tuned for upto the minute reports. This has been your friendly teacher reporter, Coordinator2. (off the air — Where did I leave my coffee cup? Background music — The Love Boat)