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Its My Birthday Its My Birthday…

March 19, 2006

I hit 37 today!!! Feeling good. A lot of plans this year. As I watch the LA marathon, I want to use this year to prepare myself for 2007. This means a lot of personal dedication and getting back in shape. I need to start slow and keep persistant. My folks are coming down to see us. We’ll go to brunch this morning. My girls are busy with school. We watched “Walkout” last night on HBO. Cool movie, an educational experience for my daughters. My wife is all into her music, “Celtic Women”. I am into podcasts, listening and creating my own. Last night I heard an inteview from 43 folders author Merlin Mann. Some cool tips on Getting Things Done. I am busy getting ready to return to teaching this summer. We should be able to choose classes for the new school year by the first week of May. I want to bid on a 5th grade class. Teaching is in my blood!!! Actually I have been teaching a 4th grade group of students after school. I’ve concentrated on Math intervention. I start a new group this next week. I have also worked with 6th grade students on Saturday mornings. We are working on language arts standards. Am I ready? Well, I am not sure but, it will be fun! The kids at the church will complete our two year class and will receive their Confirmation. I see myself continuing my spiritual work in a different ministry this next year. I am not sure yet. A lot of plans for this new year in my life!



February 19, 2006

I was blogging actively the summer of 2004. I kept my blog at tabulas, my last entry was the week tomasito passed away, November of 2004. It took me a year to be able to get back to blogging. My first podcast is dedicated to him. It is the audio I played at his funeral. It is a interview from the summer of 2002 with some editing at the time of his passing. Right Click on link to download mp3. Tomasito

Merry Christmas 2005

December 26, 2005

We spent Christmas Eve visting Family this year. We spent most of the morning cooking posole over at Tia Betty’s house and we had dinner at Grandma’s house. We had Tamales, as usual. Finally we went back to Betty’s house for late night opening of presents. The girls were happy with their gifts, eventhough Gisela really wanted more toys and less clothes. I had a great time being with family and enjoying the birthday of Jesus.Christmas 2005 Rdz Family.jpg