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Best Practices in the EFL / ESL Classroom

May 10, 2007

I started teaching career as an adult ESL in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1994. I was born in Guadalajara but grew in the States. We used an English (From England) method. It was kind of weird especially the listening exercises. I’ve been teaching adult ESL in L.A. city schools for the last year and half. There are tons of resources available online. Most of it is in the Read Only format. I use 75 percent web resources and 25 percent traditional textbook. Even though it is great content, I am exploring ways to integrate more Web 2.0 tools. We’ve been listening to an ESL podcast every week.  There is a detailed explanation of the vocabulary and expressions.  I have used my LCD projector to present content but it isn’t very interactive.  I have used a tablet PC when teaching a concept and it works great especially when looking up images in Gooogle.  In adult school, attendance is not mandatory like in k12.  I also use skypeout to call students on their cell phones or at home.  I want to integrate the use of teacher and student  produced podcasts so that students can listen to on ipods.  I think I can write a grant or solicit funding from the adult ed department.  There is a distance learning program right now.  It is based on dvd and student handouts.  How neat it would be if this content was available on a website for viewing with web based applications like google video and the handouts to download in pdf.  I can also write up a class to teach ESL through technology.  Oh, the possiblities in the Web 2.0 world….