Inventing New Boundaries Reflection

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Session title: Inventing the New Boundaries
Strand: Pre-conference keynote
Lead presenter: David Warlick
Date: 2007-10-08

What were the main points made during this session, the “takeaways?”
It is always invigorating to listen to David Warlick. As we push our own and our student’s learning, we must re-invent new boundaries. Learning in the 21st Century is dynamic and always changing. My takeaways include; refocusing my perspective on what my students should be learning. It really is about building skills that will allow them to learn in an ever changing environment. Teaching our students to become world citizens by sharing their learning and building on learning that has gone on before them.

What questions did you have after this presentation?
So as a classroom teacher, How do I ensure my students have the skills they need to function in this environment? How can I as a teacher work with other teachers in my school and district to ensure that what a child learns today can be applied and built upon in the following school year? How can I work with teachers around the world in building communities that will foster collaboration and learning?

In terms of your own professional development, what did you gain from the session?
The K12Online Conference is my starting place. It brings the edupodosphere together. I am facilitating a small group of educators in my district as we learn together. This forum will allow for reflection and discussion as we take these “best practices” back into our schools and classrooms.

How will you apply the learning to your professional situation?
I will look at the use of different Web 2.0 tools as a teaching tool. Learning can be a lot more interactive. I tend to be an audio learner. I plan on incorporating video into my own learning and the way I teach my students.

What other resources (including reading material) are relevant to this session?
Working with educators in my district. Modeling for teachers at my school. Communicating with parents on technology goals. Getting these tools in the hands of my students.

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