EFL Best Practices Webcast

Rafael Murillo and I (Jose Rodriguez) ESL (English as a Second Language; in the States; English as a Foreign Language, everywhere else) teachers in Los Angeles, CA (USA), will be hosting a live talk. Join us as we discuss English As a Foreign Language Best Practices. Fellow ESL/EFL teachers will share best practices for teaching English. How do you embed technology into your Language Teaching? 9:00 a.m. Pacific on Saturday August 11, 2007  16:00 GMT World Fixed Time

This is live, interactive webcast. Participants will be using text chat at http://webcastacademy.net/chat You can listen to live conversation at http://webcastacademy/listen

To participate in conversation live you need. Skype http://www.skype.com; requires download and set up. You’ll need headset with mic. or a computer with built in microphone. USB all in one works best. Otherwise you can listen to stream on Internet and text your comments and questions in chat room.


I. Introduction:

Who we are and why we are doing this show.

II. Background; what we are doing now.

1. How are teachers using technology to teach English (EFL or ESL)?

a. Presentation of Content

b. Practicing Language Skills

II. Introducing Web 2.0 into the EFL/ESL Classroom

1. Creating spaces for our students.

a. Using classroom Blogs

2. Producing audio and video

a. Podcasts and Video demonstrations

3. Connecting with other classrooms

a. EFL teachers and Social Networks like Webheads in Action.

II. Roundtable Discussion: Participants to give their thoughts on ideas presented in show.

1. How do you use technology in your classroom?

2. Question and Answer Session

This is a live session and will be recorded. It will be available as a podcast at www.webcastacademy.net

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