Using Synchronous tools at NECC 2007

I’ll admit that there is something about being at a conference in real life. There is excitement in the air. On Tuesday I followed NECC on edtechtalk. During the day 21st Century Learning had Vinnie Vrotney as a live correspondent at the Bloggers Cafe. He was walking around looking for the SuperStar bloggers. It was great to hear first hand reactions to the conference. In the Evening Women of the Web 2.0 had a session live from NECC. There were over 100 people in the live session and at least 30 at edtechtalk chat room. There were educators sharing what they were taking away from NECC. What other tools are attendees using to broadcast to the world? Twitter seems to be were a lot of the action is going on. People are even using twitter to find each other on the conference floor. I see twitter as a quick and dirty blog post. The only difference is that your able to see others in your network in one place and respond to what’s going on. Others are also using Skype. They are bringing friends from the outside to listen to and participate in the conference. I’ve also noticed the importance of informal meet-ups. The unconference sessions are just as good or better than the regular sessions. There is a feeling that the conference needs to somehow deposit this knowledge base somewhere so that it can be accessed later. Having uniform tagging for blog posts, pictures and hopefully podcasts will not only benefit the virtual attendee, but make all this content available for consumption at our leisure.

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One Comment on “Using Synchronous tools at NECC 2007”

  1. Patrick Says:


    Thanks for connecting me here. Your summaries and observations will go a long way towards helping me make sense of all that is coming out of Atlanta.

    By the way, did you check out Jeff’s posting of his twitters (?) between himself, Jon Pederson, David Jakes and Chris Sessums? It’s beginning to look like a brainstorm is happening from various locations on Twitter.

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