Monday Wrap-up NECC 2007

There is so much buzz and energy coming out of NECC! I have been following blog posts all day and I keep coming back to the Super Stars. It must be because I have them higher on my RSS reader. Sessions that caught my attention; Classroom and Libraries for the Net Generation. Looking at the characteristics of 21st Century Learners. As teachers we either board the Web 2.0 superhighway or we are left behind. Creative Podcasting for the Elementary Set. Some cool tips on podcasts in the elementary classroom. Reinventing Project Based Learning, How do we build a global community around common themes? It isn’t about my own the teacher and student anymore. Learning transcends the classroom walls. Sowing Seeds for a More Creative Society Reminds me of “Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten” Allowing for our students and ourselves to discover our creativity is the first step in learning. I’ve gone back to my bloglines for RSS. Both the technorati and bloglines search feeds have been working great for me. I am also subscribing to new blogs I am reading. There hasn’t been a lot from the rss feeds for podcasts out of the necc site. Even the general rss feed from necc site is pretty dead. I haven’t gone back to pageflake. Nevertheless I do see possibilities.

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One Comment on “Monday Wrap-up NECC 2007”

  1. Kevin H. Says:

    Thanks for the info from the conference.
    I tried your link for the podcasting in elementary but came up with an error message.
    Can you redo it?
    I am interested.


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