NECC 2007 Virtual Attendee

Hi Folks,

I’ll be following NECC 2007 from my living room this year. I’m actually on free wifi in my condo complex. So, what does it mean to be a virtual attendee? I use web 2.0 tools to follow what is happening at NECC. Besides adding rss feeds from NECC 2007 website, I am also; subscribing to search feeds in Bloglines for blog posts using necc2007 tag and I created a Pageflakes. On the pageflakes added technorati search with necc2007 necc07 and necc in the search terms. I also subscribed to these searches on Bloglines. There are also session specific tags that were contributed by Steve Hargadon. I’ll be reading what other attendees are writing in their blogs. I will listen to recorded sessions posted at NECC 2007 site and I’ll be writing my on my virtual NECC 2007 experience. I’ll be tagging with necc2007. Finally, I’ll be following NECC 2007 twitter posts and twittering.

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One Comment on “NECC 2007 Virtual Attendee”

  1. mrsdurff Says:

    Here is my pageflakes. Feel free to use however you want…

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