Read Write Web Class

I am not referring to teacher class I am completing this week. I am referring to building and maintaining a Read Write Web Classroom. These last few weeks have given me a good overview of the different tools available to my classroom. There continue to be challenges to integrating technology in classrooms in lausd. Professional development is the first step in producing lasting change. My teacher blog continues to be a place to reflect on my teaching profession. Regular postings here help me find my own path in teaching. Keeping and maintaining a student blog allow me to showcase the learning that is going on in my classroom. It is like a virtual bulletin board. I will also use my classroom blog to coach my students in learning literacies that will allow them to participate in a flat world.

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One Comment on “Read Write Web Class”

  1. I like how you mentioned that your blog is like a virtual bulletin board. I think I would also like my blog to be a place where I can go and reflect too. I still haven’t used this blog in my classroom, but I can see how this could also be a good place to showcase our students work. I would also like to continue taking online classes and professional development to learn more about the different ways I can use technology in the classroom.

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