Coordinator’s Office #9 Special Edition Monday June 11, 2007

Decided to a Special Edition for a busy Monday!  I had inservice on mindmapping and was part of two online meetings.  I also want to share my thoughts on the development of Webcast on the edtechtalk channel.  Visit and leave us your feedback at webcast planning wiki 

Check out Coordinator’s Office #9.mp3

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2 Comments on “Coordinator’s Office #9 Special Edition Monday June 11, 2007”

  1. C. W. Lee Says:

    It’s cool that you’re using the things learned in our Read/Write Web and showing us how it can be done. It gives me hope knowing that everything is doable–the resources are sitting right in front of my eyes. You may end up having your own little business on the side doing this stuff! Teachers need all kinds of resources for their craft and you are providing it through your web/podcasts.

  2. Rustum Jacob Says:

    its nice to see so much technology being used in every day functions of your job. I wish teachers could start to use technology amongst each other, maybe our PD’s wouldn’t be so dreaded

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