Sunday SnowClones

O.K. I listened to Dave Comier’s Presentation in FOE2007 on Tuesday June 5th. I tried to follow the presentation regarding snowclones. (Not a lot of sucess). Now today I am back. It’s interesting how we can come together to explore learning. Presentation was fast paced at the beginning and then it came down to earth. What is it to belong to a community? Being and creating networks. I still not sure I understand the concept of what a snowclone is. Am I exploring / researching/ doing my own learning and leaving a record for me to go back to. Flagging and RSS coming together to a central place. Last words. See you at edtechweekly!

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One Comment on “Sunday SnowClones”

  1. Erin Says:

    You can find out more about what snowclones are at Language Log ( or the Snowclones Database (

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