Incorporating Podcasting and Video Streaming

I like to think that any new learning needs to be experienced at the personal level. Podcasting has two facets; listening and producing. I like to learn by audio. I can sit and listen to radio programs and enjoy the show. In podcasts I have found a few great podcasts. I am a big fan of the Speed of Creativity. Wesley Fryer usually podcasts the different conferences that he attends. I enjoy listening to the different keynote speakers. It’s like being at a conference, but I can attend anytime, anywhere I can take my mp3 player. I now participate in live webcasts. I started in the edtechtalk programs. In the last few weeks (after WIAOC2007) I have joined other online conferences like FOE2007 (Future of Education 2007). All of these synchronous (live) presentations are recorded to be listened to asynchronous (later). As a teacher I have played around with podcasting. I produced several podcasts to reflect on what I am learning as a teacher. I podcasted last year on NCLB (No Child Left Behind) visit to our school. This year I podcasted my student’s participation at Infotech 2007 (District Technology Conference). We created a digital story as an entry in the elementary competition. Now I have posted weekly reflections on the Read Write Web Class I am taking now. In regards to video I posted in the class discussion forum;

Vodcasts or video podcast are the 21st century version of the TV and VCR player. Schools and districts invested fortunes buying videos for all subject areas from Science to Art. In the last couple of years the internet has seen an explosion of personal video streaming. Anyone can post video to sites like google video and youtube. As the medium matures we are now seeing content for teachers to use appear on these and similar sites. This morning was our bi-monthly visit to the computer lab. I searched for videos on our current language arts theme: money. I found several cool videos as teachertube. I choose to post video titled; The Money Poem by Shel Silverstein. I had students view video and respond to teacher prompt. My next step would be to have to students respond to each other. Check out post at

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3 Comments on “Incorporating Podcasting and Video Streaming”

  1. Wow….it seems like you have really taken advantage of the new Web 2.0 technologies that are becoming more and more available and accessible. I like your comment about the two faces of podcasting…the producing and the consuming. My students tend to exist as consumers of information, whereby education becomes an exercise in how much “stuff” you can learn and remember. On the other hand, if we teach our students to become producers as well (as in the case of podcasts, wikis, and blogs…), they can directly engage their learning more effectively, and hopefully, more proficiently!

  2. whoops….I spelled my own name wrong in the last post….it should be Kyle Hunsberger

  3. Veronica Gonzalez Says:

    I enjoyed reading your detailed post. I have been a little hesistant about all of these new ways to teach our students. I guess mostly because I don’t feel prepared and comfortable with all of the new technology tools we can teach our studetns. After reading your post it made it very clear and to the point. I have a better understanding on how a teacher can use podcasting in the classroom. It seems like you are very knowledgeable and you are already doing a lot of things we are learning in this course. I am jealous. I honestly have to say that your post motivated me and gave some ways on how I can use blogs during computer lab and for students to respond to writing prompts. Thanks!

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