Coordinator’s Office Podcast # 7 June 02, 2007

I made to lucky number 7. I’ve been very busy with the end of the year paperwork at the school. Nevertheless I squeezed in some time to record another reflection for the Read Write Web Class. Other plans for the coordinator’s office include co-hosting a webcast possibly on the edtechtalk channel. I am also hoping to facilitate LAN party for K12online conference coming up in October. Check out; Coordinator’s Office Podcast #7 .mp3

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One Comment on “Coordinator’s Office Podcast # 7 June 02, 2007”

  1. John Rivera Says:

    Let’s be sure to announce this lan party during the June 18 face-to-face session. Looking at the required items we must cover for that day, though, I do not see us able to connect through Skype or another synchronous tool on that day. Hopefully, you will be able to join the Elluminate session tomorrow.

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