Coordinator’s Office Podcast #5 May 19, 2007


Reflections from Week 2 of Read-Write-Web Class.
District Meeting and Presentation on Skype for Teachers.
Participation Webheads in Action Online Conference


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One Comment on “Coordinator’s Office Podcast #5 May 19, 2007”

  1. Maria Rivera Says:

    Hi Jose, first of all I didn’t enter my wesite because it’s very outdated. I don’t upkeep my website for a few reasons. One, I only created it for a class I took a while back, two my Kindergartners are so young they really don’t use it, and three, my student’s parents see me almost everyday that we just talk about upcoming events at that time. I read your blog and thought wow, you’ve been doing this for years. I thought about maybe upkeeping my blog next year when I go full-day kinder so that I can communicate with my student’s parents once and not have to repeat things over and over.

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