Skype for Teachers

As a teacher sometimes we can feel isolated from the rest of our colleagues.  We engage our students but the four classroom doors do limit our access to the world.  There are other teachers and students in our own school, district or across the world that we can connect with.  So, what’s the argument for the use of Skype in the classroom?  What can I do on skype that I can’t do with a traditional phone? I just read Skype in the Classroom an article by Wesley Fryer from movingatthespeedofcreativity that makes a good argument.  Essentially, we are preparing our students to use collaborative tools that are part of 21st century workplace skills.  Our students need to be prepared to work in changing and dynamic environments where they will be working with people from all over the world.  Another good resource to use is a  video on  how to get started with skype.   One of the ways that I use skype is to communicate with my student’s families.  I use skypeout to call parents at home on their cell phones.  If anyone is interested in collaborating with my students over at room36  please skype us at username;  coordinatortwo.

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14 Comments on “Skype for Teachers”

  1. Russ Swanson Says:

    Skype is one of very few synchronous discussion tools still permitted within LAUSD.

  2. […] meeting, where Jose Rodriguez will be talking about how Skype can be used in education. He is a great practitioner and even got tips from THE Jeff Lebow on how to make the best connection without feedback. […]

  3. Lore Says:

    Thanks for a great session on Skype on Thursday. I learned a lot and want to try it out myself. I told another teacher about the possibility of “phoning” computer to computer, and she was excited and wanted to know more. I’m going to point her to your blog with the great links you provided.

  4. My middle school students (8th grade) are looking to connect with another school. They have a blog site for their podcasts — Maybe your students will want to join us? We are available on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:45 EDT. How about it?

    • Arzoo Says:

      Hello, Madeline My school has just started after summer break. Can you please arrange for a Skype session with My grade 8 students?

  5. Ellen Nosal Says:

    HI all
    Looking for someone to work with German Class.

  6. […] with other teachers. Who says Skype has to be fun just for the kids? With Skype, teachers can collaborate on ideas, projects, and […]

  7. […] with other teachers. Who says Skype has to be fun just for the kids? With Skype, teachers can collaborate on ideas, projects, and […]

  8. Jenny Ferris Says:

    Anyone teaching high school English – language and literature – willing to link with my classes or be a resource or use me as a resource? I’m new to the concept of team teaching across the web, but after teaching for 25 years, I’m open to new methods.

  9. katie Says:

    i need help with and english paper i need a guy to help me im in 12th grade skype me woahxitsxkatiex9

  10. Carie Says:

    Hola necesito ayuda ya que tengo que realizar una presentacion oral en la universidad, sobre el uso de Skype en un ESL/EFL classroom y quisiera ayuda en eso y/o para hacer una demostracion cn el grupo. I’m from Puerto Rico

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