Tech Tools for Learning

This is an interesting article by the edtech Guru/Superstar Will Richardson. The article; Tech Tools for Learning, is a quick overview of Web 2.0 tools. I want to focus my reflection on how I currently use these tools or how I envision using them in the classroom. Weblogs; I have two Blogs that I bubble sharepost to. I have a classroom blog. This blog is centered around the learning that is going on in my classroom. I post information on current units of study. I have recently experimented with having students respond to prompts. I am also posting student work with bubble share. You are now reading my professional reflection Blog. RSS; I have used for myself. I use bloglines. I think the way I would use it in the classroom would be for exploring new themes and content. I can subscribe to what we are learning and use that content with the students or have the students respond to this new information on the classroom blog. Podcasts; I have experimented with podcasts this year for my classroom. We posted personal stories as a podcast. We also posted our thoughts after finishing our Storytelling unit. I posted a sound seeing tour of our fieldtrip to the California Science Center. We even created a Vodcast. Here we created a quicktime movie. “A Story About Storytelling“. We were a finalist at Infotech 2007. Webcams; last weekend I bought a webcam for my laptop. In the classroom I hope to use Skype to collaborate with other classrooms. Streaming Video; I think video plays a great part with this generation of students. I don’t have a projector for my classroom but I am able to check one out when I need one. This year I used a projector and found great video to Celebrate Cesar Chavez day. I also took a virtual tour of the California Science Center the day before our fieldtrip. There are also services like United Streaming that organizes the curricular material for classroom use.

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One Comment on “Tech Tools for Learning”

  1. Martha Valencia Says:

    Jose, the way your blog is set up, is for the links to open in a new window? Is that why, when we click on the links they go to the site? Good feature works well, make the page more dynamic.

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