Day 1 Read Write Web Class

I started new class today.  I got on the wrong bus and arrived 30 minutes late:(  I really think this is going to be a great experience.  There are many teachers with varying backgrounds taking this class.  I got my first introduction to Blackboard CMS.  I thought it was easy to navigate.  Today was our orientation, it was a F2F meeting.  Except for our final meeting the rest of the class will be online.  We are exploring different themes in the next six weeks.  Our first theme; What is in the Read/Write Web?  We are reading two articles;  the first is  by  Wesley  Fryer from and Will Richardson from   We all posted an introduction on a discussion board.  It gave me a good picture of everyone taking the class.  There are over 20 educators taking the class.  I enjoyed reading the introductions and replying to many of the participants.  I am really looking forward in playing an active role in the class.  I really want to learn more about online collaboration between teachers.  I want to learn more about the use of wikis in bringing in content to an elementary classroom.

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2 Comments on “Day 1 Read Write Web Class”

  1. Hasmik Says:

    wow Jose,
    You are really using everybit of information you get from clas. I agree that our job is to get studnets ready for 21st cnetury.

  2. Martha Valencia Says:

    Jose, thank you for putting up the sites. It comes in very handly to reply to them, in this list form.

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