Social Networks for Teachers

Interesting conversations going on at Edtechtalk around social networks. The discussion for me centers on the use of Ning and Classroom 2.0. Here’s my take;

I participated at our local edtech conference this past week. The reason I bring it up is because the conference offered round table discussions. It was a conference with over 1000 participants. It was disappointing to have only a few teachers participate in these F2F discussions. So as an early adopter, where do you find others? I played around with Ning and Classroom 2.0 and I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I am spoiled by the edtech folk here at edtechtalk and the Worldbridges network. I have been following the conversations going on at Teachers Teaching Teachers, 21st Century Learning, and Women of Web 2.0 I understand it can be difficult for a classroom teacher to find “Web Presence”. It takes time and persistence. I spent some time this morning and responded to the blogs that you posted. I am looking forward to doing some more work this year. We all have to share the load. So, where are we going with Educationbridges Elgg? I liked the idea of the walled garden. But even here most people must find it difficult to have individual blogs and then post and be part of a community. Looking forward to participating on the Community Forum.

Remember; Don’t take any wooden nickelz. 🙂

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