Using Technology to Tell Stories

Great show on Edtechtalk; Teachers Teaching Teachers #47. I listened on the fly on Wednesday night. Now I am listening to show asynchronous (later in a podcast). It’s exciting to see what other teachers are integrating technology throughout the States. It does get isolated when only a few teachers (in our own schools) are trying techie things like using tech tools to tell stories. It is late in the year but, I see how I can try some more digital storytelling next school year. Storytelling is a unit I am teaching for the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to post some individual digital stories. We are culminating our unit with a narrative on a personal experience (story). It’s a juggling act but I’ll showcase a few stories in a digital story format. The students would create slides with pictures / text and narrate their story onto the slides. I’ll keep you posted.

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One Comment on “Using Technology to Tell Stories”

  1. Kevin H. Says:

    This is Kevin, who helped host that program.
    We have created another blog where we have resources and discussions, if you want to get involved or just browse through.


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