Pockets of Excellence

What does it take to have a standards based classroom?  It’s hard to tell.  I’ve been out of the classroom for the last four years.  This last few months I have started teaching on Saturday mornings at SDSCSS (Super Dooper Super Cool Saturday School).  I’ve only been there as a sub in this last cycle.  Academic Excellence has to do with expectations.  I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum.  A classroom with highly motivated students and appropriate use of the learning standards.  The Instruction is at very rigorous level.  At the other extreme, I’ve spent mornings in a classroom where students are not motivated.  The curriculum is dummied down and there is little if any benefit to our shared space.  I have also had the opportunity to partner with a 4th grade teacher at our school.  We teamed up and I taught math.  I spent time reviewing the assessment results and spent six weeks retaching focus standards. I can only hope that this effort had an impact on these students.  They are taking the Math on the state tests next week.  As I return to the classroom, I return with a more global view on education.  Having observed best practices throughout my school, having been part of the leadership our school, having participated on district professional development are tools I plan on taking back to the classroom.  Excellence in teaching involves… well I think I better comment later this fall from my classroom!

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