Podcast # 2 (The Ides of March)

I finally got around to creating another podcast.


Intro: Your listening to the Coordinator’s Office Podcast views from behind the NCLB Wall, for Wednesday March 15, 2006. —– the Ides of March.

In On My Mind: Nervous. I am just starting to feel comfortable and I’m moving on. Change is not easy. Transition to teacher, Educational technologist.

My Blog A few posts this month. PD, Mile Race, Life in the Big City,  I have the titles now I need the content. visit the Coordinator’s Office and look under posting for March.
Data Team Starting to read book Datawise. Formation of data team. Purpose is to organize data. Offer the tools. The interpretation at another level.

Tech At my School. Email Broadcast. Technology initiatives, Think.com, Getting back to tech integration. Committees.

NCLB Action Steps. Taking forever. Leadership Team. Collaboration, Communication PD etc. Focused and Inclusive Plan. Having Teacher input.

Getting Things Done: I am reading Ready for Anything by David Allen, Slowly getting through book. Ready for Anything. Incorporating Strategies. Daily schedule in outlook. Inbox at Zero. Link to 43 folders.

I missed CUE

Family Life busy at home, daughters at dance and wife finishing up school.

Shout Out. Fellow Bloggers at my school. Mozart and 1007 I looks like SuperThinker is almost ready to come back!

Click on “Enclosure” to download MP3. Enclosure

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