Life in the Big City

I seem to be very busy lately. It was raining most of the weekend and very cold (high 40’s is freezing for us city folk in LA). And I missed CUE. I’ll have to try again next year. I have’nt kept up as much with my bloglines. When I get over 500 unread items I know that I am too busy. I did listen to one of my favorite podcasts One Big Head. He seems to be right on in regards to tech in K-12. The spring is full of “testing”. The Big State tests are coming to a school near You. I have to get my game face on and prepare myself to enter the Zone. I have to pace myself so that I Can Get Things Done. I was pleased to see that two bloggers from my school are coming back. Mozart and 1007 seem to be active. I hope to offer a tech class at my school. I haven’t worked out the logistics yet but, it should be fun. STILL busy with NCLB. It is not about being able to develop the action plans. We can do that with ease. Its the collaborative effort that is needed to AGREE on the direction of the school. How are the actions plans going to be implemented? How is the progress going to be monitored? These seem to be questions that are harder to answer. So, that’s life in the big city… bye.

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2 Comments on “Life in the Big City”

  1. Scully Says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear they’re blogging again. I can’t believe I use my computer so very little. I still love it and haven’t forgotten but the wrist and hand pain is so bad. And if I use it too, too much my elbows hurt, too. Ugh! We can send a man to the moon (and now Mars, apparently) but we can’t find a way to combot carpel tunnel. *sigh*

  2. Scully Says:

    There has to be tech solution!!! Perhaps the magnets?

    Keep you chin up. I do expect your blog to start soon.

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

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