Mile Race

I am going into the final turn of my mile race. I started this race four years ago when I came out of the classroom (not closet…. just classroom). I had been teaching for six years and was ready for a change. My first lap; During my first year out, I was the REA (Reading Excellence Act) Coordinator. Our main focus that year was on lesson study in K-3. We worked closely with the district and county offices. Just like any good conference the food was great!!!! By this time our Coordinator was ready to move on to a new school. This is how I became Coordinator2. I helped her with our State Compliance visit and moved into her office. I then began lap two. I did feel out of breath at first but, I quickly set into a comfortable pace. It’s not the same thing to help than it is to be in charge of Title One and Bilingual programs. So what happened these first two years? A lot of learning opportunities… Mistakes…. I was also a bit ambitious and started an administration credential program. What happened between lap two and three seems to be a blur. It is almost like a repressed memory. I was out of breath and really overwhelmed. As I began lap four, presto just like magic, I got my second wind. I almost feel like the real Coordinator! This year NCLB showed its face (ugly) in our school. Just these last few days I caught a glimpse of the finish line. It’s time for the kick!!!! What does the future have in store? Who knows? For now, I want to spend a few years back in the classroom, perhaps fourth or fifth grade. What’s my bag? Tech is my bag. I see myself making technology and its use in K-12, my career focus. bye….

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3 Comments on “Mile Race”

  1. Scully Says:

    I can see you as our ITAF! The bloggin’, podcastin’ ITAF!!! And hey, you can take that to grade 5 next year. That will be great for the students and will give them an edge for MS.

  2. 1007 Says:

    How nice it is to see you blogging again. You are right, life has many twists and turns. Being out of the classroom is a great eye openner, but there is nothing like having your own students and seeing the dynamic changes that take place over time with good instrudtion and good intentions. I look forward to working with you next year. Change is always good.. like a cool breeze it can calm and surprise you.

    You have been a great support to me professionally, and emotionally . Harrison is a much better place became of you. You were to support us and you did!

  3. 1007 Says:

    Excuse all my typos, I can spell. I just can’t see without my glasses or contacts. That’s what you get when you leave comments on other people’s blogs. time to edit.

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