Professional Development

What does it take to move a school forward?  It takes NCLB!!! Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.  We have not met our AYP for the last four years.  The first two years were a freebie with no sanctions and now we are in the second year of program improvement.  This past year it has been difficult staying focused in PD.   NCLB keeps getting in the way.  The student performance on State assessments continues to stagnate.  The accountability and consequences of this reality are being taken more seriously by the teachers and administration of the school.  Today a group of teachers conducted a survey on PD.  We looked at the professional development needs of teachers, Where teachers can lead PD’s and prioritizing these PD topics into the school focus.  Good first steps!! The importance is in the sustainability beyond the hype.  We have a lot of work to do.  I do see myself as part of the team………  Some fundamental structures are changing in the school.  As long as we are positive and willing to help with the load, this will be a smooth process.  I saw glimpses of that today.  We are slooooooooooowly addressing the different emergent themes for Comprehensive School Reform at our school.  My task for this Tuesday was to draft a template for the different committees at our school.  The importance of this task is to facilitate the Communication flow between these committees and the different groups in the school and more importantly the decision making councils.   WOW.  One task of about 40 to 50 to come………….

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