My First Podcast

Shownotes For CO022406

Intro: Coordinator2 Bio

Teacher in LA. Span School. Out of the classroom the last four years. Coordinator (Title One and Bilingual Programs) I am going back to the classroom this summer. Room 208 coming up.

Teach the Teachers / Blogs

Ojai. Bloglines. Blog: Coordinator’s Office. 2nd Attempt at Blogging. Tabulas, SPAM and now over at WordPress.

My inspirations

2 Cents Worth. Webblog-ed News, Blue Skunk Blog, Cool stuff happening over at Worldbridges and EdTechTalk.

NCLB. Program Improvement. Blog, posts from feb6 to feb10. Let everyone know.

Tech at my School

1st year out. Waterford Program. Internet in every classroom. Laptop for every teacher. More computers in the classroom. Online report cards. Input assessments. Attendance Having a tech Assistant. A computer lab teacher Forming a tech Committee, Challenges moving forward.

Podcast Set up

Recording on iriver and then tacking back to audacity. Use of ourmedia to host. Feedburner. And podshow music. I am PC person and will not let Apple tell me how to podcast

GTD by david allen using outlook, and voice mail on cell (broke my pocket pc).

Shout Out To all the teachers at my school, the coaches, admin, other staff and local district ITAF.

Click on “Enclosure” link to download mp3.  Enclosure


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