Today was the first meeting of our School’s Data Team. It is an idea I had thought about for a while. Now with the NCLB team on to their next victim, we can start working on program improvement. The Data team, so far only three of us, will be responsible for brainstorming ideas on how to use all the different data available in our school and assist the classroom teacher in understanding and using this data. We now know the sources of data. These include once a year data like state standardized tests. In the last few years our district has also implemented a periodic assessment regimen for Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. The teachers assess units of study and then input this data onto web-based applications. The instructional coaches as well as the classroom teacher can print customized reports from the data collected. The idea of the Data Team is to develop a uniform system for data collection, organization and analyze across the different content areas. This can be done by creating Data Binders and keeping an Excel file with this customized electronic data. We thought about color coding the performance levels. I am now leaning towards using tags / terminology from state testing (Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, and Far Below Basic). There is a lot happening and this is only one tiny bit of our work in responding to the recommendations made by the NCLB review team. bye….

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