NCLB Day 3 Update 2

Hi, Everyone. This is Coordinator2 with the lastest developments onsite . As we came into the judge’s chambers this morning the air was tense. I had taken out my laptop to take notes and was advised that I would need special clearance to do any kind of note taking while we were in session. I had my bodygaurd (Big Loser) talk to the judge and everything was o.k. The format of the findings was surprisinly simple. It WAS a one pager. The four emerging themes were Communication, Collaboration, Professional Development, and Standards Based Instruction / Rigor. The findings were reported in a very straight forward way by the prosecution. We just sat there in an AHAH moment. Most of us did not want to engage in the conservation. The presenters did a great job in facilitating the material presented. BigLooserWannaBe was the first to voice her opinions. We expected the NCLB team to report to us and then tell us what to do. What really happened was that we were asked to REFLECT, ARTICULATE and thus gain understanding to plan and consequently carry-out NEXT STEPS. The tools used were very simple. Communication is our first initial task. The value of the morning session was in learning a process to break down our work into manegeable tasks. Finnally, I think that we have taken our first initial steps in Comprehensive School Reform. It took an outside force to come and tell us what we kind of already knew. There is a lot of work left ahead of us. On that note, the NCLB team left the school. Did we jump the NCLB wall? No. But, NOW we are beginning to have an idea on how to do so. This was Coordinator Signing off. Stay tuned as we begin this process.

********* Late Breaking News ************

The math coach was found wandering dazed and confused on the upper playground behind the tether ball courts. He seems to be O.K. but, he was a blank stare. As we speak he is being sent to the decantamination chamber. Our 8th grade math teacher should be able to talk some math sense back into him. But, this will be at least a few more weeks. bye………

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3 Comments on “NCLB Day 3 Update 2”

  1. Scully Says:

    Hey, I thought BigLoserWannaBe was you know who. But, now I realize it’s me! Oops! Well, I still want to know what happened to my partner! BTW, I can’t always be the voice of descent. Everyone needs to express their views or else whatever is instituted will not reflect them. People can’t just complain and not offer any alternatives or offer to support change. We’re all in this together but I think we forget that.

  2. Coordinator2 Says:

    Regarding your last point, It is hard to go through self reflection and take responsibility. Accountability under NCLB is just like medicine, It taste bad but it is good for you. We truly are part of the same team. When each of us does our part the team will be better.

  3. henrik Says:

    this post made my day well said bro

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