NCLB Day 3 Update 1

Good morning everybody (Again, Again). This is Coordinator2 reporting live from behind the NCLB wall. It seems that my computer has NCLB Blues. I tried posting on two different occasions today. Somehow my computer crashed on both ocassions. I suspect  the NCLB team has monitored the wireless network in the school. Maybe I have been ratted out (an inside job I’m afraid) to the NCLB patrol which means that I am being CENSORED. I will make this post as brief as possible. As a recap of the major events this morning. Big looser and I arrived at the school before dawn this morning. Our mission was to find the missing math coach. We went on reconassence into room 1. We surveyed the area and did not find a trace of him anywhere in room 1. We did find a his favorite compass under the blocks. We are almost certain the hybrids have taken him to the mother ship to conduct experiments on his brain. They must be scanning his brain looking for alogorithms that will help them find a safe way home. We just hope that he gets back in time to celebrate PI day next month. I have to go back into the closed door session. I will report on the findings of the team. bye for now. Stay tuned for any new developments. bye….

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