NCLB Review Day 2 Update 3

It was a pretty busy day after lunch. I was not sure what the review team was doing, they went into a close door session. They must be doing last minute deliberations. I followed the team around on several ocassions and noticed that they did not go to the bathroom. I thought that was strange and deduced that they must be hybrids. That brings me to my next point, the case of the missing math coach. He did not show up today. Rumors have it that he is at PD. (Again). I don’t really think this is true. I tend to agree with BigLooserWannaBe, the hybrids (not gasoline and electricty but human / alien) must have abducted him. Room 1 tends to have a few dark corners. We have filed a Missing Math coach report with the local authorities.  We hope he is found in time to scan the Quarter 3 assessments.  Casualty # 7, The New Kid on the Block was walking down the hallway when all of sudden her left ankle locked and almost floored here. She did manage to recoup just as Hybrid Number 1, who was writing notes profusely, walked into the hallway. Casualty # 8, Our teachers have been so nervous that they are beginning to forget things. There have been several unconfirmed reports of teachers coming to school in different colored shoes, using permanent markers on the white board, misplacing attendance cards, and forgeting kids on the playground just to mention a few. Well I did get some info from my inside-source on the mood of the review team. In reality it shoudn’t be all that bad. They really like our treats and lunches.  Little do they now that we have injected the NCLB antidote into the cupcakes and this will guaranty a positive review.  Just in case, the chief put us all on code blue and asked us to be ready to initiate operation Shark–Hawk Attack first thing in the morning. I should get some rest, and I will as soon as Big Looser finishes his 18th lap around the track. It makes me tired just thinking of it. Hasta la vista , baby. This has been coordinator2. Make sure to stay tuned in tommorow as we attempt to JUMP over the NCLB wall. Good Night All.

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2 Comments on “NCLB Review Day 2 Update 3”

  1. Scully Says:

    I’m convinced that BigLoserWannaBe IS a hybrid. Evidence #1–working out daily. Evidence #2–not eating Huraches. Evidence #3–eating tuna salad at lunch. All I wanna know is where is my REAL partner teacher and what have they done with him!

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