NCLB Review Day 2 Update 2 (Conspiracy Theories)

There have been some very disturbing reports. It seems that dogs have been released into our neighborhood. Late yesterday as a child was walking home from the after school program he was attacked by one of these dogs (Casualty #6). The bites were severe enough to land this boy in the hospital. He is at home in stable condition. Conspiracy theory #2, in preparation fo the NCLB Review we started getting foul smelling fumes ( Pedos – as Ms. California Reads would say) in our neighborhood. They were especially bad this morning. I think is time to take out the red phone and seek some assistance from our mayor. I was covering the office while our office staff was being interviewed. The reviewers are walking around campus, asking a lot of questions (informal interviews). Either they are chismosos or it’s part of their reviews. Got to go, I am out on crowd control for the next 30 minutes. Reporting live from Behind the NCLB wall, this has been Coordinator2. Stay AWAY from the dogs and make sure to wear your GAS masks if you are staying outside for any extended lenght of time. bye….

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One Comment on “NCLB Review Day 2 Update 2 (Conspiracy Theories)”

  1. Whew! I hear ya man! It’s rough going. Don’t forget the hybrid theory–Scully and Mulder would be on this like flies on honey. It feels like we’re swimming upstream–it’s so gut wrenchingly hard. There’s so much to do and not enough time. It’s a battle, plain and simple. Well, as Shakespeare wrote, “Cry, ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war!”

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