NCLB Review Day 2 Update 1

Good morning everybody. This is Coordinator2 reporting live from the Behind the NCLB Wall. The skys are blue and the air calm. The Category 5 must be hitting our neighboring schools. Casualty #4, office technitian had to go home yesterday. Prelimary reports indicate an unusual nervousness and fear of face to face interviews. Casualty # 5 one of our A.P.’s was involved in a fender bender this morning. Perhaps it’s the pressure, it is not to clear yet. The parents are beginning their interviews as we speak. The quote of the week “She is so sweet, she gives me a toothache”. THAT’s NCLB for you. Please stay tuned for upto the minute reports. This has been your friendly teacher reporter, Coordinator2. (off the air — Where did I leave my coffee cup? Background music — The Love Boat)

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