The Eye of the Storm

It is said that in a hurricane, the calmest place is right in the middle (The eye of the storm). That is where we are today. The principal and the one of the AP’s was off campus today. They attended their monthly meeting at the district. NCLB DOES stop for PD’s / Meetings, in most cases. (I am not attending my monthly meeting tommorow) I will stay with my ship even as it goes down. One of the coaches has had a difficult time meeting comittments to training as a new coach and the committments to being in school to support the program improvement efforts. It has been a fairly quiet day. The coaches and I had command post meeting during lunch. We wanted to assess the damages as we head into the next offensive (or should I say retreat!). Grade level meetings went on without a glitch. I stayed after school to teach 4th grade Math. This is our third week of the intervention program. Our class size has remained steady between 10 and 15 students. This allows for more concentrated work with the students. As we go into days two and three, I can only anticipate the force of the Category 5 that is about to hit us. There have been reports that the houses on the terrace are beginning to slip. I will stay onsite until the evacuation team arrives. Reporting live from behind the NCLB wall this has been Coordinator2. Do not venture out in these conditions, unless you run out of milk of’course.

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