NCLB Review Day 1 Update 5

Wingin’it in Staff Development. We’ve been so busy with NCLB that our focus has gone away from Staff Development. In a late night communication with headquarters, a question was asked regarding the topic and who was heading the different groups. This year our efforts are centered on meeting the instructional needs of the English Learner students in our school. I agreed to work with the middle school teachers and revisiting instructional strategies to meet reclassification goals. Today was so fast paced that I forgot about it until a few minutes before the training. I worked with my partner and we winged it. I printed some English Monitoring rosters and my partner-in-crime went over a handout on SDAIE strategies. It looked legit and the teachers actually followed along. The teachers are being interviewed as we speak. Someone got pizza as bribe for them to stay. Cooool!!! Either way, I’m off to catch the carpool. An embedded reporter on the EDGE, This has been Coordinator 2, Good Night!!!!

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