NCLB Review Day 1 Update 4

Now I’m covering a 3rd grade classroom while one of the NBCT’s is being interviewed as part of our Leadership team. I am in the middle of a vocabulary lesson. I am nervous that the NCLB review team will come in and observe this lesson. I allow the kids to continue working independently for a few minutes. I ask them all to go back to their seats while I do a directed lesson on one of the focus words. There is a very high need for the teacher to scaffold and really plan these lessons out. They are not appropriate when they are taken out of the teachers’ manual. Some students are now beginning to understand the concepts. We complete the assignment and it is time for lunch. These students usually go to an off campus site for an arts program. It was cancelled today because of NCLB visit and the kids are pretty upset. (Casualty Number 2, Being on site during NCLB Review versus arts enrichment program). The teachers are all excited at lunch and talking about the observations that went on this morning. Most obervations were brief. Some were as long as 20 minutes with observation of teacher lessons. We had lunch with the principal and debriefed. (Casualty number 3: Another of our teachers doesn’t feel well and has to go home.) What a busy day!!! On assignment from an inner city school and program improvement year 2, this has been Coordinator 2.

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