NCLB Review Day 1 Update 3

The interviews are going pretty well. The coaches and I met with a team of two. A county rep and district rep. They followed the questions that were on the handout. We did get a chance to go over them last week. I brought up some points regarding how student performance data is reviewed at our school. Having access to more data does not mean that the teachers are using the data to drive their instruction. Eventhough teachers have recieved the laptop to assist in inputing of data and view data in portable format they are still learning how to do this. Eventhough the district has spent a tremendous amout of resources in the technology infrastructure and software development as well as working with technology companies to manage the student data, to make it availabe to teachers the data is not used effectively. A lot of our instruction is still hit an miss. The question on the school vision came through. We focused on basing it around student needs. I like our motto and can buy into it easier than the jargon that’s in the school plan. The interviewers spent a lot of time on student intervention. The level at which we address the needs of these students needs to be better. We tried to focus around the after school program. They wanted a more indepth analysis on how we choose students to recieve these services and to have concrete entry and exit critieria. A central question was having gone back to CST results for the current year to see if afterschool intervention has had an impact. Final question centered about what has had the greatest impact of student achievement. I stated our focus around a standard based instruction. This involved breaking down the standards. Using criteria charts and rubrics with students. Planning Backwards Map units. The importance of instructional coaches in modeling and supporting the teaching in the classroom. And finally the open pod question came out. Teaching in an open classroom with thin dividing walls and no ceiling in a shared space of up to 4 classrooms continues to be a distractor in the education of these children. Coordinator2 continuing with live reports from behind the NCLB wall.

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