My Clasroom in 2015 “Sort of”

I walk into my classroom in 2015, what do I see? David Warlick is at the frontier of the use of technology in education. His post from 2 Cents Worth illustrates where we are going in the blogoshpere. I would first venture to what my classroom should be now. I envision myself walking into my classroom and my students are engaged in self directed learning. We have gone beyond the learning to use technology phase to the application of technology tools to create content and new learning. Learning is defined when my students use technology tools as the means to higher level of understanding. It really isn’t about having the most up to date hardware. It really is about how my students have learned to use the resources available to them. It can be 2006 or 2015, it should’nt really matter. It does go beyond having a new toy to play with. It’s all about creating a learning community where each student is able to explore and expand his or her own learning.

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4 Comments on “My Clasroom in 2015 “Sort of””

  1. Nancy Says:

    I really like what you said here–it’s really about how students learn to use the resources available to them. They shouldn’t be dependent on a hardware or software program but rather understand how the tools at hand allow them to problem solve, communicate, and create.

  2. coordinator2 Says:

    Thanks for reading my blog coach!!! Keep your eyes open for new posts.

  3. Melinda Buterbaugh Says:

    I would like to see time allotted for collaboration between classroom teachers and the library media teacher. Students could receive “just-in-time” instruction in using technology to solve information problems. Mobile computer labs would be helpful as well, letting each child have a lap top to use.

  4. Coordinator2 Says:

    Librarians rule!!!! In the abcense of a computer lab in the elementary school, the collaboration between the classroom teacher and the librarian is important. Collaborative time and it’s appropriate use continues to be an issue to deal with. The librarian is a resource (certificated teacher) as proposed in your model. When and Where are questions that still need to be aswered.

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